New Water Service Application

P.O. Box 1300 – 232 Grand Avenue, Diamond City, Ar. 72630
Phone: 870-422-7212 Fax: 870-422-2970

The City of Diamond City provides it's residents with water/sewer/sanitation services. All services are billed on one bill that is mailed out monthly.  The application is easy to fill out.  The information at the top of the application is for the location where the bill should be sent.  

We are unique in Diamond City because we have two zip codes according to how you receive your mail.  You will have to determine if you will be receiving your mail at your residence or a post office box.

If you receive your mail in a postal box in front of the residence, then you will have a Lead Hill address with Lead Hill Zip Code. For example:
John Doe
123 Dove St.
Lead Hill, AR 72644 will have your mail delivered by the carrier each day, and it will be put in the box in front of your house.

The other option is to rent a post office box. There are post office boxes located at the rear of the Community Center at City Hall with an outside entrance from the rear of the building. If you rent one of these boxes through the Lead Hill Post Office, you will have a billing address such as:
John Doe
P.O. Box 1111
Diamond City, AR 72630

The remainder of the application is pretty much self-explanatory. Be sure to sign and date the application before submitting it! You may submit the application by mail to City of Diamond City, P.O. Box 1300, Diamond City, AR 72630 or email to You will be contacted once we receive the application for further action and information. 

For information on the costs for the City's services please Click on the Services button at the top of this page and then select Water Services & Rates.  This page will also explain the reqirements to establish a new commercial or residential water account with the City of Diamond City.

Saturday January 29, 2022