New Water Department Software

Diamond City Customers,


Our Water Department is happy to announce we have a new upgraded water billing software & online payment method. We have been working really hard to get this new software to provide you with better service. This new system has a customer portal where you can see everything on your personal account from the new software start date and it can all be found in one place. (We still have access to your prior account history) You will still be mailed your monthly bills but they will be in a different looking format. You will also be assigned a new account number, which makes it easier to track. If you have your bill drafted, you are already set up in the new system. However, we ask that you send a VOIDED check from the bank account you are being drafted from. As we need them for our new records.


We have already created all your accounts but if you want online access to it, you need to go in & REGISTER your account. You will need to call us with your email address, so we can enter it in & then you can register your online account with your new number. To register go to Please be patient with us as we are still learning, during this process. We have a top-notch tech support through this software, that we never had before. We are confident that this is exactly what our community needs to be better served.


If you have any problems or question’s we are here for you and will gladly help you in any way we can.



Melissa Wright, City Operations Manager

Bessie Moore, Deputy Clerk


P.O. Box 1300 

232 Grand Avenue, Diamond City, Ar. 72630

Phone: 870-422-7212  Fax:870-422-2970


Saturday January 29, 2022