Thursday January 23, 2020

Fishing Report

The days are getting shorter and fall is upon us! The air and surface temperatures are now in the 60's and the fish are feeding actively.  Take some time to go chase 'em down.

WALLEYE    Bottom bouncing wtih a crawler rig in deep 30 to 45 feet of water in the day. Afternoon crankbaits pulled about 1.8 to 2.3 mph in 15 feet of water is getting strikes.

BASS    Surface baits in the back of creeks and coves are producing in low light. Use jigs and plastics in the high skies. Keep some cranks and swim baits tied on to work the points and flats. Don't forget weightless and wacky worms around cover.

CRAPPIE  Beat the banks with cover. I'm doing well with 2 1\2" swimbaits and cranks.

BLUE GILL   The steep banks are loaded.  Any bait will draw strikes so go get 'em.

CATFISH   Get your jugs ready. The cats are stacked on the ledges.  Being caught on perch, crawlers, shad, and blood baits.

Happy fishing and I wish you full limits when you make it back to shore!!!!!

Fishing Report by:

Bob Satterwhite
Bull Shoals Bass Hole Lodge
Diamond City, Ar.
(870) 422-7415

*Bob is a local resort owner and fishing guide in Diamond City.  Bass Hole Lodge is located on Hwy 7 close to the entrance to the Lead Hill Park where the Sugarloaf Marina is located.  

Thursday January 23, 2020