Tuesday October 27, 2020

Community Alerts!!!!!!

It has been some years since Diamond City has conducted a rate study so in the latter part of 2018 Diamond City partnered with Communities Unlimited to do a sewer and water rate study at no cost to the City. Michelle Viney, Community Environmental Management Specialists with Communities Unlimited was assigned to work with diamond City.  She and Jerry Kopke attended that last Council meeting in February where she presented the study to the Mayor, Council and the citizens.  If you click on the link below you will find the complete study completed by Communities Unlimited.  If you have questions please call Steve at City Hall at 870.422.7212 with any questions you may have.



State Mandate Adding Flouride to Diamond City Drinking Water

As most of you know the City, along with several of the other cities who are members have been fighting the government's mandate that flouride be added to our drinking water.  Just recently a district judge ruled that the OMRPWA has to comply with the mandate.  There are two sets of minutes attached that are meetings of the OMRPWA Board of Directors.  You need to read these minutes if you are concerned with this mandate.

OMRPWA 2/21/2019 Regular Meeting

OMRPWA 3/4/19 Special Meeting

OMRPWA Important Information

OMRPWA 03/21/2019 Meeting Minutes

OMRPWA 04/18/2019 Meeting Minutes


Now is the time to get out the Downstream meters and get ready for the spring and summer months. We will begin reading the meters during the reading cycle for April.  Your yearly rental of $30 will be on your May bill. If you would like to rent a Downstream meter please come by the water billing offices at City Hall and we can fix you up!


For the past few months Diamond City has been required to respond to the Arkansas Department of Health concerning Diamond City not having a licensed water distribution person.  Our new Public Works Director Rodney Conn has attended all of the reqired training and is now waiting on being scheduled for the license testing.  The delay is in the scheduling.  There are many applicants who are on the list to take the test and he is being told that he just has to wait his turn to be scheduled for the test.  As sooon as he is scheduled he will take the test and will get his Level I water distribution license.  Until then the City has to respond to the violation from the state Department of Health. 


Tuesday October 27, 2020