City Council

Diamond City has a Mayor/City Council form of government with six council members. Council Members are elected every two years.  The city is divided into 3 different Wards with two members elected from each Ward. It is the responsibility of the Council to administer the finances of the City as well as passing ordinances and resolutions to govern the City.  The Council meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in the DIamond City Community Center.

Greg Wilson
Ward 1 Position 1

Greg Wilson|Ward 1 Position 1

Larry Hurtt
Ward 1 Position 2

Larry Hurtt|Ward 1 Position 2

Gary Kish
Ward 2 Position 1

Gary Kish|Ward 2 Position 1

Dale Taylor
Ward 2 Position 2

DALE TAYLOR|Ward 2 Position 2

Charles Grimes
Ward 3 Position 1

Charles Grimes|Ward 3 Position 1

Victoria French
Ward 3 Position 2

Victoria French|Ward 3 Position 2
Monday December 6, 2021