2018 Ordinances

01 Diamond City Operational Ordinance

03 Detaching from City - Jadon & Kayla Duncan

2017 Ordinances
01 Diamond City Operational Ordinance
02 Condemnation of Houses, Buildings, and Structures
03 Amend 109-91 Increase Sewer Tap Fees
04 Establish Requirements for E911 Addressing System

2016 Ordinances
01 Diamond City Operational Ordinance
02 Regulation of Solid Waste and Collection
03 Dissolve Office of Recorder_Treasurer and Create Separate Offices
04 Amend Ord. 9-03 Establish a Residential Acreage Known as R3
05 Establish Requirements to Operate a Business in DC

2015 Ordinances
01 Diamond City Operational Ordinance
04 Amend Ord. 1-02 Requiring the Vaccination, Licensing, and Control of Dogs and Cats
05 Rescind Ord. 08-11 and Amend 06-11 to Set the Age of Manufactured Homes
06 Increase Deposit - Reduce No Yrs Deposit Held - Reduce Fees for Downstream Meters
07 Amend 06-12 Reduce No of Days For Closure of Water Account
08 Amend Ord. 03-11 Restructure the Downstream Sprinkler System
10 Amend 01-2015 Change Starting Time of Council Meetings
11 Amend the P&Z Ordinance to Clarify Chapter IV General Regs Section 4 Home Occupations A.2.

2014 Ordinances
01 Organizational Ordinance
02 Establishing the Community Center Board
04 Amend in its Entirety 04-05 Employee Deferred Compensation Plan
05 Include in Water Rates the Downstream and Sprinkler Meters
06 Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm
08 Amend 03-11 Water Rates
09 Unsightly and Unsanitary Conditions of Real Property
12 Limiting and Reducing the Duties of the Office of RecorderTreasurer

Saturday January 29, 2022